Tihoo Electric Pencil Sharpener TC8009

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Power Supply:

There are 3 kinds of power supply, lithium battery, USB, AC adapter ( Not Included), to ensure that can work at any time and anywhere for you. Charge it for 1 to 2 hours before use.



Automatically sharpen and stop at a perfect point, work well for colored pencils, lead pencils, charcoal pencils, and only need 4s to quickly finish work. Completing a lot of sharpening work in a short time. Perfect for 6~8mm pencils. 


3 Pencil Nib Options:

The length and sharpness of the nib are adjustable. Rotate clockwise to have a long and blunt pencil nib. Rotate anticlockwise to have a short and sharp pencil nib. If you want a long and sharp pencil nib, rotate clockwise to sharpen again after you have a short pencil nib.


Heavy Duty:

Professional Sketch Pencil Sharpener with hardened steel helical cutter and large capacity pencil shavings bin guarantees dependability and durability designed for an art studio, school, office, home, etc...


Auto-Stop & Exclude Broken Lead:

This perfect pencil sharpener will stop automatically at a perfect point and it will exclude broken lead automatically.


Professional Sketch Pencil Sharpener:

Work well for colored pencils, charcoal pencils, and lead pencils.

A special sketch pencil sharpener, designed for art students, art schools, and art studios.

Two Grades of the switch to choose 3 different effects of pencil tips. One sharpener can meet all your different sharpening requirements.


Multifunction Pencil Sharpener:

- Helical Cutter: High-quality material helical cutter, more durable, and timeless.

- Three Effects: Two Grades of the switch to choose 3 different effects of pencil tips.

- Lithium Battery: contains a large capacity lithium battery, you can use it everywhere without worrying about no electricity.

- Jam Release: When the lead break and stick to the blade, just plug the pencil again and press it, the broken lead will be ejected.

- Auto-Stop: Automatically sharpen and stop at a perfect point, do not worry about over-sharpening.

- Safety Device: When the top cover is opened, the sharpener will stop working to protect you away from injury.


3 kinds of charging ways:

Plug and Play, USB, and Lithium Battery. ( No AC adapter Included)


Lithium Battery: 

Large-capacity lithium battery with 2000mAh, just 1-hour recharge can use 300 times.


Safety Precautions:

Do not sharpen a wax pencil or chalk with this sharpener as they will stick to the blade and jam the blade.

Unplug the sharpener if the blade gets stuck. Please insert a hard pencil into the machine and it will remove the broken lead automatically.

For your safety please unplug the cable before cleaning the shavings.

Keep out of reach of children.

Power: AC100-240V.50/60 HZ


Package Includes:

1* Electric Pencil Sharpener

1* UBS Cable







Item Weight

‎1.29 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎8.5 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer




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