Tihoo Electric Pencil Sharpener TC8041

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Type of Power Supply:

The pencil sharpener is powered by a 12V 1.4A certified adapter, with higher safety and stability during the sharpening process.


Applicable Pencil Type Thickness and Length:

Suitable for charcoal pencils, colored pencils, No2 pencils, 6-12mm pencils in all shapes, such as round and triangle.


Automatically Stop Function:

The pencil sharpener will keep running until there’s no holding force, but it will automatically stop sharpening at a perfect point to make your pencils more durable with high economical efficiency.


Adjustable Pencil Tip Thickness:

Only need to adjust the button to achieve different pencil tip thickness, very conveniently for better writing or drawing effect.


Replaceable Helical Blade Made of Stainless Steel:

The pencil sharpener helical blade is made of stainless steel to support more than 4,000 times of sharpening with longer service life and better durability. The helical blade is replaceable so never need to worry about the damage of it, only need to replace a new one for normal operation. If you need more spare helical blades, please contact us anytime.


Portable, Safer and More Energy Efficient:

A portable pencil sharpener easy to carry, Automatically stop when the lid is open so safer for children and more energy efficient.


Transparent Pencils Shavings Bucket:

Enough to contain the shavings of multiple sharpening before emptying, the Transparent case makes it easy to know when it should be emptied.


Non-slip Base:

A non-slip base with 4 rubber pads, makes it more stable in use and not easy to slide.


How to Use:

Step 1, Connect the pencil sharpener and power adapter;

Step 2, Adjust the tip thickness you want;

Step 3, Hold the pencil and gently press it down from the hole on the top; Step 4, Hold it for 3 seconds sharpening, then take out the pencil for use.


What You Can Get Buying This Product:

1 black electric pencil sharpener,

1 power adapter,

1 user manual,







Item Weight

‎1.39 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎8.86 x 4.13 x 4.02 inches



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